Why You Need A Professional Email Address

Email is critical to running a business and having a professional email address is key to building trust and setting a professional tone for your brand.

If you are like us, there are dozens (and dozens) of emails between your business and prospects and existing clients via email each and every day.

While there are many free email service options out there (Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook) it’s important to avoid using them for your business. These options might work great for personal email accounts, however, when it comes to your business, having a professional email address is key to building trust for your brand and helps prevent the emails you send from being sent to someone’s spam folder.

For these reasons, and many more, spending the time and money on creating a professional email address for you and your entire staff (i.e. [email protected] instead of [email protected]) is definitely worth it.

It Helps You Maintain a Professional Image

If your goal is to build your company’s credibility online and gain the trust of your customers, then building and maintaining a professional image is key. One of the best (and easiest) ways to do this is to create a professional email address.

Whenever you have interactions with potential or current clients, it does not look very professional if the email address being displayed [email protected]. On the other hand, if your customer sees an email from [email protected], they’ll know the email is legitimate and will be more inclined to open it.

It’s simple really, but displaying your domain name at the end of your email address(es) goes a long way to help your business look established and genuine, and can make customers or leads feel more comfortable opening your emails and responding to them.

It Makes it Easy for Customers to Find Your Website

You may not have thought of this, but when you use your domain name in your email address(es) it makes it simple for potential customers to search and find your website online if they want to get more information.

All they have to do is copy the last part of your email address and enter it into the address bar. It sounds easy, but it’s really effective. In fact, you’ve probably done this yourself when receiving an email from another business.

Reduce The Potential for Being Marked as Spam

Due to the fact that virtually any individual can sign up and use a free email address from the various providers out there, they are commonly used by hackers and scammers to either bait people into clicking nefarious links or to gather personal information from customers (credit card numbers, names and phone numbers, etc.).

As a result, free email addresses are looked at by many as suspicious, which is why a professional email address that ends in your domain name is so important. This not only builds trust, but helps prevent your emails from being marked as spam and being sent to the user’s “junk” folder.

After all, what good is sending an email if it is never opened or read?

It Helps You Organize & Separate Your Emails Based on Purpose

Many businesses have different departments or individuals who are responsible for different tasks. Think billing, client support etc.

To ensure emails go to the right person, it’s important to create separate emails (such as [email protected] or [email protected]). This will help you manage inquiries quicker and easier, while adding credibility by letting clients know you’re a real company with multiple departments or people ready to answer their questions or solve their problems.

Think about it this way: say you pay a digital agency (like us) to manage your website updates and you have a support question. You send an email to “support” knowing that the person or team that handles technical support will receive that email directly.

If you just have one single email address for everything, the chances are a client’s inquiry could be lost in a sea of emails.

It Enables You to Collaborate with Your Team More Easily

There are quite a few professional email solutions you can use for your business.

Most of them – including Gmail and Office365 – come with additional features to make collaborating with your team much more convenient. One of the most common features that comes standard with any email platform is shared calendar. This makes sending and managing meeting requests and checking your colleagues’ availability quick and easy. Some platforms, like Google, allow you to hold virtual meetings and collaborate on shared documents.

Next Steps

So how do you go about creating a professional email address?

The first way is to check with your website’s hosting provider, as you’ll often have a certain number of business emails included in your plan. If not, you may be able to add business emails for either a one-time or recurring fee.

If you don’t want to go through your hosting provider, or if your host does not offer email service (not all do), there are a number of separate professional email providers.

Here are a two of our favorites:

Google Workspace – https://workspace.google.com

Microsoft 365 – https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/microsoft-365

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